An Overview of the Stylish Huawei P8

An Overview of the Stylish Huawei P8

If you currently own Huawei Ascend P7, you might want to check out the elegant and its presumed successor the stylish Huawei P8. With refined exteriors, Huawei P8 is a sight to behold and without a doubt the latest addition to Huawei’s list of stylish and elegant phones. While Huawei phones have not enjoyed immense popularity in the UK as those of Samsung and Apple, there is no denying that the Chinese maker has been instrumental in designing smartphones that are not a beauty but also a sight to behold.


Huawei P8 is arguably Huawei’s best looking phone yet in terms of its beautiful exterior and full metal unibody. With a display resolution of 5.2in 1,920×1,080, Huawei P8 is indeed one of the smartphones with super display to be released in recent times. The fact that the Smartphone utilizes the IPS-NEO technology is the reason why the phone is energy efficient and produces images that are crisp, sharp and without a doubt more vivid than most smartphones in its class.

Battery life

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this beautiful Smartphone is the fact that its amazing display has not been quite positive on the batteries life. The 2680mAh battery only lasts a pitiful 7 hours if the video is played continuously. Of course this is a disappointment especially to people who listen to music or watch YouTube videos on their phone most of the time. They have to constantly plug their phones to charge at least twice a day which by all means doesn’t offer the best experience.


Huawei P8 comes in 2 versions. The 16GB Huawei P8 and the 64GB version. The two versions have an expandable micro SD external storage of up to 128GB. You therefore need not worry about storing things on this phone as you could always make use of external storage.


Huawei P8 comes with a 13 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera. The pictures are quite clear and a sight to behold. Images are not blurred and probably this is one of the best things of this particular Smartphone.
Some of the disadvantages of Huawei P8 that most users will find distasteful are the fact that it comes with a non removable battery. This could pose a problem especially when the battery is no longer useful. It means that a person would have to ditch the phone altogether. Secondly, the phone has mediocre speed, does not have 4K video recording, is not properly enhanced to dust or water resistance and does not have WI-FI ac support.

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