Useful Tips to Extend the Battery Life of Your Mobile Phone

Useful Tips to Extend the Battery Life of Your Mobile Phone

If there is something that causes a lot of frustrations to people who own mobile phones, it has to be the battery life. In fact, countless people move from one model of mobile phone to another in an attempt to find one with a longer lasting battery life. Having a mobile phone whose battery becomes flat every few hours is an experience that most of us abhor. We want to able to use our mobile phones for as long as possible before we can recharge. However, today we are not going to look at mobile phones with the best batteries but rather shed light on tips one can utilize to ensure that they effectively conserve battery life of their mobile phones especially if they have handsets with non removable battery.
Questions abound as to whether it’s advisable for a person to continuously charge their handsets or if they should wait till the battery is flat for them to recharge as a means of prolonging the batteries life. The truth of the matter is that your mobile phones battery will not last forever. Most have a lifespan of say 2 or 3 years. However, the ultimate lifespan depends on how well you take care of your mobile phones battery. With that said, what are some of the useful tips you can use to extend your mobile phone battery life?

Avoid discharging your phone up to 10% or zero

Generally, Li-Ion handset batteries have an optimal charge of between 40 and 70% and therefore it’s essential that you always keep your phone optimally charged if not fully charged. You should not continuously use your mobile phone until it’s flat out. It’s advisable that you charge your phone multiple times in a day.

Charge your mobile phone at least to 50% before storing it for longer periods

If you intend not to use your phone for an extended period of time, it’s important that you charge the phone battery to at least 50% before storing it. If the handset has been fully charged, ensure that you discharge it up to the 50% mark before storing it. Also ensure that you store the phone in a cool and dry place.

Charging your phone throughout the night is OK

Contrary to popular belief, plugging your phone to charge overnight is not in any way harmful or does not affect a phones battery life. However, ensure that you remove the lid of the battery as the heat generated needs to find a way to escape.

Avoid keeping your phone in places with high temperatures

If you have a habit of leaving your handset in the car during hot weather, you need to stop that. High temperatures have been found to greatly affect the lifespan of a mobile phone battery and can drastically affect its capacity.
In light of the above, there are indeed a number of ways in which you can prolong your mobile phones battery by observing the tips mentioned. In fact, the above tips are helpful for people who rarely replace their gadgets. Otherwise those who regularly go for new handsets need not worry as they will most likely buy a new phone before the battery of their current phone is affected.

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